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It has been an exciting season of growth at Sari Bari – we’re reaching significant milestones, we’re seeing more women find new life, we’re raising funds for the opening of a new unit. Thank you so much for your support as we continue to grow!


Celebrating Hope Made Tangible

In August, Sari Bari celebrated two significant milestones! Box Lane Unit 1 marked its 6 year anniversary, and Box Lane Unit 2 reached its first birthday. Both of these units operate in the heart of Kolkata’s largest red-light area, offering freedom and restoration, and standing firm as beacons of light and hope. Currently 46 women are employed and 6 women are in training at the two units, and these women truly embody resilience, beauty, and strength as they choose freedom every day and build brighter futures for themselves and their families.

Supriya, a manager at Box Lane Unit 2, has big dreams for the unit, “I want every space here to be filled. So many girls are suffering so much [in the red-light area], and I want to bring them here so that they can be free.”


Gita, one of Sari Bari’s directors, reflects on the 6 year anniversary at Box Lane Unit 1, “I’m so thankful that we reached 6 years here. Many women have found freedom and have been able to stand on their own feet. They have found confidence and pride in themselves and what they’ve accomplished. I have many dreams for the future of Sari Bari.”


Program Update: Training & Graduation

The current training cohort is 4 months in, and the women are growing, learning, and being beautifully woven into the Sari Bari community. The six trainees are receiving sewing training from our managers, participating in literacy and numeracy training, and engaging in mental health groups with our aftercare staff. Some of the trainees have been doing so well with sewing training that they received production bonuses last month! Shani*, pictured below left as she practices Bengali numbers, says she is happy that her sewing is improving, and she is enjoying learning to write.


We wish a heart-felt “Obhinondon!” (Congratulations) to five women who successfully completed training at the Sari Bari Trafficking Prevention Unit in Canning! The manager and trainers did an amazing job of supporting this training group, and the trainees (now graduates!) have joined the ranks of the professional artisans at Sari Bari.  The Prevention Unit manager shares, “Graduation means new life. It means full time employment and freedom.” Read more here about training and the Trafficking Prevention Unit…

Sari Bari would like to send a special thank you to our training program sponsors. With your support, Sari Bari trainees are able to take the first steps of their freedom journeys and make their way to graduation and full-time employment. You have been an integral part of making training and graduation possible! THANK YOU!


#HeroesCampaign: Double Your Impact

We are into the second month of the Heroes Campaign. Through generous supporters of Sari Bari, $25,000 has been made available for matching through September. That means that every dollar you give for the prevention of re-trafficking through employment and social support will be doubled! Read more here about the Sari Bari #heroescampaign…



Behind the Seams: Meet Aduri

Freedom birthday: December 2009
Role at Sari Bari: Quality Control Manager, Box Lane Unit

“I make sure quality products get sent to our customers. I want them to love our products. We can do beautiful work here – making beautiful products and finding freedom. I’m so grateful that so many women can work at Sari Bari, that they can do good work, and that they can make beautiful products. We have grown so much. I hope many more women can work here.”



Written by Sera Han

*Name changed to protect identity.