Sari Bari USA is closed for orders. Thank you for your amazing support!

Sari Bari is holding its first ever Auction. We wanted to creatively engage both our customers and the friends of Sari Bari in the opportunity to help us buy the things we need which are a couple of desktop computers, a server to connect the one and only laptop we currently have, with the hoped for two desktops and a couple of sewing machines so we can employ more women with a skill that they can market elsewhere if they choose in the future.

What you should know about these blankets: These blankets will work for either a king or queen size bed. The photo’s where actually taken on a queen size bed. They have been hand stitched by either Laxmi or Purnima who you can read about at These ladies put in a tremendous effort to create these unique beautiful textiles conquering spacial and layering challenges as we pieced together more 20 sari’s and multiple thread colors to create something truly unique and beautiful.

See the blankets on ebay:

Blanket 1:

Blanket 2:

So here we are about half way through the auction and we want to offer some more creative ways to help us engage others to participate in the auction:

1. Engage your friends or church community to buy one of the blankets together. Decide with your community what you could pull together in terms of funds, pool it and then: a. Give the amazing beautiful blanket to someone you all love together. B. Use the blanket to decorate your church hall and serve as a symbol of hope. C. Come up with your own creative way to share the blanket with others.
2. Share about the auction on Facebook:
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3. Tweet about the auction.
4. Bid on the blanket and you could be the winner of one of these gorgeous hand stitched beauties!
5. Donate a couple bucks to the computer and sewing machine purchase cause:

We are so thankful for the continued support of so many, for the cause of FREEDOM in the lives of the women at Sari Bari.