Partner With Her 

Your partnership will ensure the women have an opportunity to benefit from the programs of Sari Bari:At the heart of Sari Bari is partnership with the women themselves — a commitment to holistic freedom, and empowerment-focused programs. We’d like to invite you to journey with the women of Sari Bari as they take ownership and actively participate in their own restoration and empowerment. 



Whole life care:  Though the aftercare programs at Sari Bari the women are supported through training and beyond with mental health services, well woman check-ups, school support for their kids, home loan matching,  and ongoing literacy classes.  We also are committed to celebrate the women at step on the journey with yearly “freedom” birthdays, our annual retreat and picnic and graduations ceremonies!

Leadership Development
: We value our leaders and are committed to ongoing development of the women of Sari Bari as leaders.  The entire middle management of Sari is from production mangers to trainers and team leads are women who have found freedom at Sari Bari.  We believe a leader can be born out of every story.

Logistical and Staff support: It takes a team to support the journey to freedom, no one does it alone.  Sari Bari provides an amazing team to partner with the women of Sari Bari from social workers and a nurse to a Project Manager who works on the ground in India to champion, encourage and strengthen the work through systems building.

 We celebrate with the women when they confidently say:

“I am sending my children to a good school…”

“I am making it through this illness…”

“I am learning to sew and have a good job…”

“I know I am changing the way I think about things…”

Text PARTNER to 260-296-2628 to support freedom and opportunity for women at Sari Bari.

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Or text PARTNER to 260-296-2628 to support freedom and opportunity for women at Sari Bari.

Become a Partner for Freedom

 At Sari Bari, taking a job is the first step of freedom for women exiting the commercial sex trade or who are vulnerable to exploitation or trafficking. However, we believe that’s not where the freedom journey ends. Holistic care is a high value at Sari Bari, which is why we journey with women as partners in their social support needs as they continue to take courageous steps towards restoration and wholeness.

Through sponsorship* of various healthcare and educational programs, you too, can journey with the women of Sari Bari. By becoming a partner for freedom, you have the opportunity to sponsor one of four programs:



Each new employee at Sari Bari goes through a six-month training period before they begin full-time work. During this time, the women learn to sew and receive valuable life skills that empower them to transition out of the sex trade. Each day during this crucial period of time involves taking multiple difficult steps toward new life. 

Training sponsorships cover costs for: a monthly stipend during training period; sewing classes and materials; literacy and numerical literacy training; life skills education, including nutrition, budgeting, etc.; mental health support groups; play therapy; a full medical check-up; eye exam and glasses if needed; celebrations to mark significant achievements; and a graduation gift.




The women of Sari Bari have incredible dreams for their children, and Sari Bari is passionate about partnering with its employees so their children have every opportunity for a brighter future. Any employee with school-age children up to college age can enroll in this program. Each woman contributes 24% of their child’s annual expenses, while Sari Bari contributes the remaining 76%. 

School Benefit Sponsorships cover costs for: admission fees, boarding fees, tuition, textbooks, school supplies, uniforms, shoes, schoolbags, and umbrellas. 

Sari Bari currently has 61 children enrolled in the School Benefit Program.




All employees of Sari Bari have medical coverage through health insurance, but in order to also ensure the woman can secure preventative care, Sari Bari provides Well Woman Checkups. The check-ups involve a comprehensive health screening for each woman upon completion of training, and every other year thereafter, for as long as she works at Sari Bari. Through these preventative screenings, we have been able to identify and respond to healthcare needs ranging from blood pressure, cholesterol, STDs, HIV, and cancer.

Well Woman Check-up Sponsorships cover costs for:

  • General checkup in gynecology/cervical smear
  • HB, TC, DC, blood sugar tests
  • Urine and stool tests
  • VDRL
  • Hepatitis B antigen tests
  • Chest x-ray
  • HIV tests
  • Thyroid function tests



All of the women at Sari Bari with HIV/AIDS are identified through our Well Woman Check-up Program. They receive their primary medical care through the government of India and secondary care through Sari Bari’s Medical Insurance Program. Sari Bari provides ongoing emotional and financial support to employees with HIV/AIDS. 

HIV/AIDS Support Sponsorships cover costs for: medical tests not covered by insurance; nutritional support; financial supplement for missed time at work; and a monthly regimen of vitamins.



Walking through the doors of freedom from Sari Bari on Vimeo.