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Fan the Flame of Freedom

Sari Bari artisans are partnering with 25 talented quilters from around the world to bring you more than 40 quilts of all sizes, from baby blankets to king-size quilts. All of the beautiful designs have been created using vintage recycled sari material, and our partner quilters have generously donated time and materials to help fan the flame of freedom in Kolkata, India.

For a preview, explore all the beautiful quilts on the Sari Bari blog in April, and don’t forget to come back May 1-9, 2015 for the auction.

This year, the quilt auction will run as two, five-day auctions: The first round will run from May 1 to May 6 with ending times between 6:00 PM -10 PM CST. The second round will run May 4 to May 9 with ending times between 6:00 PM -10:00PM CST. Tiered closing will ensure the greatest opportunity to win one of these beautiful quilts.

A newly added a “Buy It Now” option will be available so that you can secure your favorite quilt with a single click.

Fan the Flame of Freedom

Proceeds from the 2015 Quilt Auction will go towards furthering Sari Bari’s ongoing freedom work throughout Kolkata, India. We invite you to bid generously to help fan the flame of freedom as Sari Bari seeks to open doors for more women.

We are directing this year’s auction proceeds to the following initiatives:

  1. School Support – Learn more
  2. HIV AIDS Support – Learn more
  3. Training – Bringing more women into full-time employment – Learn more
  4. Ongoing prevention work – Creating new spaces for freedom
  5. Capacity Building and Leadership Training for local Sari Bari staff

Please spread the word to your friends and family so they also have an opportunity to purchase or bid on these beautiful quilts and to participate in the freedom work in Kolkata.

Auction is held via eBay and is subject the rules of an eBay auction. Sari Bari is a social business and a charitable trust located in Kolkata, India. The funds raised in the Auction are directed through Sari Bari, USA, a US-based 501(3)c non profit.

Sari Bari will ship to overseas winners of the Quilt Auction free of charge.