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At Sari Bari, we firmly believe in partnering and journeying with women as they continue to take courageous steps towards fullness of freedom and wholeness.

No one makes the journey to freedom alone. Here are the four ways YOU can help a woman and her family on the freedom journey:


Partner for Training: Each new employee at Sari Bari goes through a six-month training period before they begin full-time work. During this time, the women learn to sew and receive valuable life skills that empower them to transition out of the sex trade. Each day of this crucial period of time involves many steps toward new life. Training includes literacy training, a monthly stipend, budgeting class, full medical check-up, graduation gift among other things.

$30 for one month or $180 to sponsor one woman’s complete 6 month training.


Partner in Brighter Futures: The women of Sari Bari have incredible dreams for their children, and Sari Bari is passionate about partnering with its employees to ensure brighter futures for their children. Any employee can enroll in this program by contributing 24% of their child’s annual expenses while Sari Bari contributes 76% of the annual expenses.

A sponsorship of $60 will cover one child for an entire year.


Partner in Health:  All employees of Sari Bari have medical coverage through health insurance, but in order to also ensure the woman can secure preventative care, Sari Bari provides Well Woman Checkups – a comprehensive health screening – for each woman upon completion of training and every other year thereafter for as long as she works at Sari Bari.  Through these screenings, many women have been able to receive healthcare for needs ranging from controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, HIV care, and even chemotherapy.

One woman’s check-up cost is $25.


Partner in HIV/AIDS care: All of the women at Sari Bari with HIV/AIDS were identified through our Well Woman Checkup Program.  They receive their primary medical care through the government of India and secondary care through Sari Bari’s Medical Insurance program.  Sari Bari provides ongoing emotional and financial support to employees with HIV/AIDS. 

$15 a month to bridge the gap for women with HIV