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Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was in Kolkata yesterday and today.

There was an event focusing on Trafficking of Persons…and Sari Bari was invited to be a part of it.

…what an amazing opportunity to advocate on behalf of the women we love so dearly.

…Sari Bari had a table of goods for sale at the hotel where folks were staying…and we got to tell our story and show off our amazing products…

…Beth got to introduce Tinki to the Secretary…and after Tinki told a bit of her story, she said, “But now i have freedom. I’m so thankful for Sari Bari. it gave me freedom.” and then the Secretary hugged Tinki and said she was thankful for Sari Bari giving Tinki freedom too. (this image gives me great joy!)

…Sarah got to be a part of a round table discussion…and got to share the Sari Bari story.

…and then later in the day Secretary Clinton came…and she bought a bag…and as she was leaving the room she looked at us and said, “You ladies are doing great work.” (which is nice to hear!).

As i was manning the table the past two days…telling the SB story and selling beautiful products (and meeting some really cool folks!) I got to hear and see lots of responses to Sari Bari. It was a great opportunity to advocate for Sari Bari in ways i don’t usually get to.

here are some of the great moments in my mind…
* When people were surprised that i lived here…and asked what brought me here…and i could say, “Sari Bari.”

*selling beautiful products (they have a way of selling themselves!)

* when i told one gentleman one of our prices and he said, “really, that’s it?!?!”

* After i explained Sari Bari briefly one woman exclaimed, “Wow…i couldn’t possibly love that story anymore!”

And as i’ve thought about the past few days i am thankful. I am thankful for this new platform that we were able to advocate for our sisters on…it is an honor to be acknowledged and thanked and celebrated. It is an honor that we were able share the Sari Bari story with people of such influence…but even more than all that…it is an honor to be a part of the Sari Bari story. To know the women i know…to walk the long, winding, messy road to freedom…to celebrate, and cry, and wonder, and rejoice with the most amazing women in the world…now that is an honor.

Secretary of State holding a Sari Bari Throw.