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What is Generational Impact? There are certainly many definitions and thoughts out there about its meaning and practice. At Sari Bari, Making Hope Tangible by Creating Generational Impact means we invest not only in the women, but their families too. We believe that empowering, educating and employing a woman will assist in making transformative changes within their family and the surrounding community. When people see our women walking through the red light area to work, they are embodying HOPE! Their ongoing presence gives other women and girls hope to believe that there something beyond their current experiences, a way to a better future. Generational impact means investing in everything from India’s future to the future of the individual women at Sari Bari and their families.

Sari Bari assists staff and their families by providing educational assistance for children who are currently school age. Sari Bari has also assisted management staff with educational stipends for higher education. By investing tangibly in women, Sari Bari helps to create a sustainable future for them and their families.  We seek to be a sustainable business, all the while continuing to fight for justice and walk the journey to Freedom with the women and children of Sonagacchi and Kalighat.

Generational Impact means that Sari Bari values what our women value. In some cases, owning land and building a home is the desire of Sari Bari women, and we do our best to assist with those plans through small no interest loans.  Generational impact means we are committed to the training and empowerment of Sari Bari women so that they can fight the exploitation that they encounter in little ways, such as from being overcharged because they lack basic math skills. Each woman receives training in basic math, reading and writing during their first 6 months at Sari Bari.  They learn how to sign their name, identify their letters and in the case of more advanced learners, they learn English and basic computers. They take the gift of this small education with them to their homes and commit even more greatly to the education of their children. By offering training specific to the needs and desires of the women, we help generate self-confidence and an internal drive to succeed and stay free.

Sari Bari embraces Generational Impact as a core value and central to who we are as a community.   We hope to be able to continue deeply investing in our women, their families and our surrounding community for years to come.