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Posts tagged: Community

A Return to Sari Bari

I first came to Sari Bari in August 2011 at the beginning of a four month internship and I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome of the ladies. I was given a Bengali name and put to work doing everything...

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Making Hope Tangible: Through Building Relationships

Relationship is how we began our journey here in Kolkata. We began by walking the lanes of Sonagacchi trying to build a bridge, we brought tea, stumbled through conversations in Bangla and eventually made some friends, the friendships deepened.   Heartbreaking...

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Making Hope Tangible: Creating Generational Impact

What is Generational Impact? There are certainly many definitions and thoughts out there about its meaning and practice. At Sari Bari, Making Hope Tangible by Creating Generational Impact means we invest not only in the women, but their families too....

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