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Relationship is how we began our journey here in Kolkata. We began by walking the lanes of Sonagacchi trying to build a bridge, we brought tea, stumbled through conversations in Bangla and eventually made some friends, the friendships deepened.   Heartbreaking stories were told, we listened and the dream for a place of safety and a way to freedom to was born.

So in fact, Sari Bari was born out of relationship and for relationship.  Almost 8 years later, the relationships we share are much deeper, more real and messy than we could have imagined.  Because of relationship, Sari Bari is a place of trust and safety, a place where long held stories have a place to be told, where tears are welcome, and empowering encouragement comes from another who has walked the same road.

The truth is that relationship at Sari Bari ripples, like a stone thrown in a pond the ripples go outward impacting many. Two years ago at the Annual Sari Bari Retreat/ Picnic we invited each of the women to stand and share who had brought them to Sari Bari and one by one we asked each of those women who brought someone to come to the front, in the end about a third of the women were represented in the front.  These women were responsible for opening the door to freedom for the rest of the women who remained sitting. This is testimony to relationship and how through we relationship we grow, freedom is passed around from one woman to the next. The women who know the gift of freedom, are offering it to others and the ripples of relationship move outward.

This month we are focusing on Hope made Tangible through relationship.  Nothing could be truer for us Sari Bari.