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Quilter Name:  Blue Flax Quilters

Blue Flax Quilters is a group of women with intertwining friendships.

Some of us have known each other for many years, some just met in Beth’s sewing room this summer.  We are all Christian women, artists who create in fabric, fiber, flowers, and food; clay, silver, and song.  Among usare teachers of physics, history, biology, and art.  This is the first quilt we’ve made together. Beth sent invitations to each of us to join in this project and we gathered for several weeks to cut, piece, and stitch.  After our quilt was pieced, we took it to Rebecca, a professional long-arm quilter, for whom fabric and quilting are a passion and way of life.  We are grateful to Rebecca, who generously donated her labor for this project.

We were given beautiful and distinct fabrics with which to work and the pieces became a whole.  In the same way, our individual skills and ideas about fabric, color, and pattern combined as one in the making of this quilt. Our hope is that the cooperative, joyful labor of our hands will bless the women of Sari Bari, who struggle in ways we can only imagine.

Blue Flax Quilters from left to right:

Carla – mother, artist, handcrafter, and nature lover

Kristin – scientist, physics professor, musician, friend

Andrea – artist-teacher, potter, student and homemaker

Amber – mom of six boys and avid reader who slept under her great

grandmother’s flour sack quilts as a child

Beth – mother of six, Gramma to one, gardener and quilter whose home is

always open

Quilter Blogs:
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