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Quilter Name: Patti Coppock

I have been sewing for 50 years, but quilting only the past 16 years. My mother taught me to make my own clothing when I was young and then a few years ago I received a diploma in Apparel Technologies while living in Minneapolis, MN. Previous college education was focused on art.

Quilting became interesting to me when I began to see it as an art form. Repeating patterns and beautiful designs have always caught my attention. I like to think I have a unique twist on putting fabrics together and hope to make this a source of income. I am most happy when I am working on a quilt project I love.

Quilter Name: Ann Olson (Long arm Quilter)
I have been creating ever since I can remember. As a young child and teenager can remember being taught by Grandma and Mom to sew and piece, piecing quilt tops, sewing doll clothes, handkerchiefs for Grandpa and other sewing projects. During college and as an adult, I began doing local craft shows selling handmade items. I was also sewing clothes for myself, even designed and made my wedding dress and husband’s tux. In 2001 I joined a local quilt guild and was introduced to free-motion quilting and used my first longarm quilting machine. Oh my goodness! I came home and told my husband I want one! I have found my greatest creative outlet and passion…Thread!…and free-motion quilting. There is so much creative expression in the thread work designs that can go into each quilt as each quilt top is unique. I love doing quilting for other people. They provide the palette for my artistic expression. My quilting style is a freehand drawing style, meaning I hand guide my longarm quilting machine in the pattern I create much like drawing on paper. So with my passion and love of quilting I now run my own Longarm Quilting Business, Ann’s Quilt N’ Stuff and work part-time at a local Quilt shop. It is wonderful to have a career I love.