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Sari Bari Internships
General Requirements: Interns must be self-funded via non-profit support or other means. Internships are for 6 months to 1 year. Interns will not be accepted for less than a 6-month time period.

Construction Intern
• Assist with Building Maintenance
• Assist with Sari Bari Building Construction Projects
• Assist with general Manual labor tasks as needed

Business Systems/Administrative Intern
• Assist with Office related Tasks
• Assist/Create sustainable systems to support business capacity
• Maintain Sari Bari Metrics
• Assist with Customer Service

Creative Intern
• Assist with Social Media Marketing
• Graphic Design background suggested but not required
• Assist with Product Design
• Development of Marketing Materials
• Product Photography assistant
• Knowledge of sewing, weaving and other creative design skills helpful.

Service Project Intern
• This is a general internship, relationship focused.
• Requires a willingness to learn Bengali.

• Create program for the ongoing education of the women at Sari Bari
• Research existing programs of this type
• Assist with literacy and Math Training in Sari Bari Training
• Assist with resources for Sari Bari’s leadership training school

Production or Capacity Intern
• Assist with Systems management
• Oversee and/or assist General Manager and Production Managers in production oversight and management
• Requires a willingness to learn Bengali.

Child Care Development Program Intern
• Research Develop program for all day care
• Research after school programs
• Needs assessment of local area needs of children
• Assist with literacy and Math Training in Sari Bari Training

Anti Trafficking/ Rural Development Intern
• Research and development
• Regular connection and support to current Anti Trafficking/ Prevention Project
• Travel to rural areas required for research
• Requires a willingness to learn Bengali

Social Work Intern
• Assist Director of Social Welfare with the development of systems for support
• Develop Metrics for measurement of Sari Bari Social Work outreaches
• Requires a willingness to learn Bengali

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