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international friendship day

This Sunday is International friendship day.  Yes, I know this was a hallmark holiday and may feel strange to celebrate this day on the heels of the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, but I think it’s actually the perfect...

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I work to end human trafficking for HER

In July of 2011, I sat in a room listening to a presentation from a Human Trafficking organization. I live in a small town in Indiana, so I’m sure we were a little behind, but at that time, most people...

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How we become | Together

“Thank you.”  You are with us.  You have “oohed and aahed” at the rich colors of saris carefully woven together to create beautiful pillows, napkins, and bucket bags.   You have recognized and valued what it means and what it takes...

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A critical journey | Sarah Lance

There are a lot of building blocks, thousands of pieces to be put in place, to create the opportunity for one woman to find a lifetime of sustainable freedom from sexual exploitation.  Some of the pieces are well-known: mental health...

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