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This Sunday is International friendship day. 

Yes, I know this was a hallmark holiday and may feel strange to celebrate this day on the heels of the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, but I think it’s actually the perfect time for this special day.

Why is now a great time to celebrate friends? 
Here are a couple of reasons:
      1. It’s our connection and not our awareness that moves us to action.
        I was talking with my wife, Marah, yesterday as we were reflecting on The World Day Against Trafficking In Persons. There was so much activity in my social media feeds, which is so encouraging. The world is so much more aware today than it was when I first really learned about human trafficking about ten years ago. We were talking about a post that Sarah, founder of Sari Bari, wrote in January of 2019, WHY I DIDN'T WEAR BLUE ON HUMAN TRAFFICKING AWARENESS DAY. Marah commented on how much she appreciated that post because it called for more than awareness. She said, “So many know now. We need to actually do something!”

        It’s so interesting to think about what motivates people. I can know all there is to know, but until it is important to me, I’m not going to do something about it. That’s why friendship is important. It’s about connection. Friendship is seeing another person, knowing them, committing to them, and moving with them. Friendship values. Friendship sacrifices. It is friendship that can change things because it is why I choose to act. 

      2. Friendship is moving together on our journey.

        "Don′t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don′t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend."
        Albert Camus…


        Friendship is the heart of Sari Bari, and is, in my opinion, the most beautiful thing about our work — which is saying something if you’ve seen the work of our artisans. I am not partnering with Sari Bari to rescue. The women of Sari Bari don’t need a hero. I am here to experience and participate in a shared journey of freedom. I live and SHE lives. We live in our world TOGETHER. We journey TOGETHER. We see, value, and participate in our shared lives of freedom. I journey with her, and I call her my friend.

      3. Shopping is a great way to celebrate your friends.
        Hey! We love things that make our lives better, and my experience is that Sari Bari products do just that. With our friendship sale, why not consider sharing some of the love by shopping and giving for a friend. You’ll brighten your friend’s day AND you be participating in freedom by growing our sales and increasing our opportunity to offer employment to women in India. 

        It’s a simple action, but it is still something and is a meaningful response to The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. It is connection, moving you to action as we continue on our journey while celebrating eating in the process — as friends.

All my friends — that's you — get 15% off their orders now through the 3rd.


As the Executive Director for Sari Bari USA, David serves the Sari Bari USA team and engages with the supporters of Sari Bari. He shares from his experience and the powerful stories of the women of Sari Bari who work to make their lives new.

David is a graduate of Grace College located in Winona Lake, Indiana. He also sits on the board of a nonprofit organization that focuses on collaboration with law enforcement and service organizations to combat human trafficking in the Dominican Republic. His passion is evident when he shares about his work and desires to communicate the value of each individual and the beautiful opportunity we each have to creatively discover how we can recognize and support the equity, dignity, and freedom of others in our world.