Sari Bari USA is closed for orders. Thank you for your amazing support!

Sari Bari Masks Are Here

Dear Friend,

In April, we sent out an update and a request. With uncertainty surrounding us like the heavy morning fog, we were trying to see our way through the coming lockdown. None of us knew what the world was going to look like in the coming months, but we knew it wasn't going to be "normal" any longer.

What we knew was that the women of Sari Bari were facing extreme difficulty. With lockdown restrictions that were much more severe than ours in the United States, it was concerning to think about how the women, along with their families, would access necessities. Additionally, if they are unable to come to Sari Bari, how would they have the money needed to survive? It was a difficult time, but we had HOPE.

We had hope because of you. We had hope because we knew we have the support of all of the amazing people who love Sari Bari and enjoy the beautiful work of the creations made by the women of Sari Bari. We new the ask was big, but we sent out a request to help to sustain Sari Bari. We needed $25,000 to continue paying salaries and support our operations through the summer months. YOU CAME THROUGH! We had enough to take our next steps. We paid wages, and we're so happy to say the women are well without a single case of COVID to date. Best of all, after the three months of Lockdown, the women have been working for a couple of months, and we have more beautiful products coming from India. 

THIS is what HOPE looks like

A portion of your gift was used to place a future order for masks. You facilitated the opportunity to invite women to come back to work. As a result, we now have those masks in hand and are excited to make them available for purchase

These products, along with the other recent shipments, are the result of your investment for freedom. You gave because you believe, with us, in our opportunity to create sustainable business for the transformation of communities, and this is a victory in that great battle.

We are so grateful and excited to present our new masks, made from beautiful prints and lined with our Sari Bari custom lining. The design is comfortable and contoured. The fabric is light and breathable. Like every Sari Bari product, they are stylish and fun. Best of all, even in the difficult time and our continuing new reality, these masks are a reminder of the promise of HOPE. 

We would like to say THANK YOU with all the love and gratitude we can possibly express for your decision to journey with us. We still have so far to go, and difficult times are, no doubt, still ahead. BUT we sill walk with HOPE because we know we walk TOGETHER WITH YOU.

Please, shop and enjoy our new Sari Bari Mask.

For Freedom, 
All of us at Sari Bari