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In order to see the liberation of oppressed people anywhere, we must inspire the actuation of free people everywhere. 
Compassion is a critical start — but it is not the stopping point.

Today is World Day Against Trafficking In Persons. This day was created in 2010 to bring AWARENESS  to the atrocity of human trafficking as well as to ignite ACTION in communities, agencies, and governments all over the world.

While you are currently reading this, over 24.9 million women, men, and children are trapped in sexual trafficking, forced labor trafficking, or another form of modern day slavery. It is estimated that roughly 4.4 million women alone are currently being trafficked around the world.

A microscopic, incomprehensibly small percentage of these women will see freedom. Almost none will see justice.

A harsh reality remains underneath the surface of many sex trafficking cases–women are still facing severe penalties and punishment for attacking or killing their traffickers in order to escape or survive.

We have a lot of work to do.

Please join us. Sari Bari directly impacts women who are exploited by or vulnerable to exploitation through human trafficking. Learn how YOU can get involved. 

 Be An Advocate