Sari Bari USA is closed for orders. Thank you for your amazing support!

The holiday rush has more than arrived at Sari Bari. The weather has cooled down, beautiful saris are being turned into a wide variety of products and new products are coming down the line for 2015. There is much work to be done, but at Sari Bari, it often doesn’t feel like work. The women are singing and joking as they prepare material. There is laughter as goods are packed to be shipped around the world. Sweet family time happens over large snacks during tea time.  And through it all, the women are working hard with a smile on their face to get quality products to you in time for the Holidays.

T’was a Month or Two Till Christmas

T’was a month before Christmas and all through Sari Bari

Not a person was idle, not even a moment.

Saris were hung to dry on the balcony with care,

In the hope they would soon find a home to share.

Bag pieces were cut and matched to be sewn,

The women all chatting as their artistry was shown.

A training class was nearing graduation day by day,

Their desire for freedom helped them choose it everyday.

Blankets were packed and ready to ship,

They would soon arrive after the long trip.

The goods were unpacked with great precision,

Digital shelves well stocked to help you make your decision.

Blankets and bags, scarves and stockings,

They are the perfect gift to get people talking.

Freedom is our business we are happy to say,

We send you warm wishes for a great HOLIDAY!